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Okay, we confess. This area is designed purely for us to goof off in. What we intend doing here is to pluck our thespians out of the role they actually played, and introduce them to..aah...let's say, alternative scenarios.
We bring you these special effects wonders through magical powers of the computer.
Well even seniors have fancies you know!
On a technical note, in the interest of loading time, and other wrinkles way beyond my ken, this segment will be presented in several sections, SFX1,2,3 etc.


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We were forced to concoct a hurried cover story for this incident. They were actually on their way home from a midnight mass at their wierd church when the paparazzi accosted them. Opinions differ on the real deal behind this duo. Some are convinced that they belong to a cult. Others suggest that they are Gay Pride. I won't tell.


Sid was simply ravishing in Victoria's Secrets. However as an octogenarian his mind wanders. No matter how many times we tell him, he regularly goes walk-about in the local village, with catastrophic results!


Pat and Ron were performing a bit from Monty Python when true to Python form, they slipped away into "something completely different". Pat, totally entranced, was heard to murmur huskily, "Ooh! I do like it here, look at all that magnificent scenery."

Enjoy a stroll around our other FX pages. With any luck, I won't overload anything. Remember what we have done here is use photographs from actual performances,( it still sounds funny to describe what we do that way) and mix them with other scenes. We really don't have the budget for these sort of backgrounds.