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We continue now with this gripping tale!

"What was strange about his mother?" asked Goldilocks. " You were only a baby then," put in the Old Woman, "but it was a long tale." (TAKES TAPE MEASURE AND MEASURES TAIL OF STUFFED TOY CAT) "She was possessed of an inhuman burning (LIGHTS MATCH AND WATCHES IT BURN) curiosity which led her to open the closet door and discover the skeletons." said the Old Man. " I think you are splitting hairs." (TAKES PAPER KNIFE AND ATTEMPTS TO SPLIT HAIR) snapped Goldilocks, " All women are curious. And besides, what has all this talk of closets to do with my Blackbeard?" "How do you know he isn't interested in closets too?" demanded Red Riding Hood, hoping that continual hammering (POUNDS GUSTILY ON FLOOR WITH HAMMER) would wear her down. Goldilocks began to see there might be something to this. "What shall we do?" she wailed. " Maybe we can discuss closets in his presence and watch his reaction" volunteered Red Riding Hood. The Old Woman had apparently been asleep at the switch (TAKES LONG HAIR SWITCH, PUTS IT ON COUCH AND LIES ON IT) but now she sprang up. (LEAPS UP) "Let's pretend there is something mysterious about Goldilocks' closet, lock it, leave the room, and see if he has inherited his parents' interest in such things." " That's spying." protested Goldilocks. " No, no," squealed Red Riding Hood, " we can stuff the keyhole with grease," (TAKES MAP OF GREECE , ROLLS IT UP AND STUFFS IT IN DOOR) "then we can tell by looking at the key." Just then, in walked Blackbeard. He was a polished looking man. (CARRIES RAG, BOTTLE OF AUTO POLISH, AND RUBS AT HIMSELF) "Good afternoon." he cried, veiling the wicked gleam in his eye at the sight of Goldilocks' unspoiled beauty. (DRAPES VEIL OVER HIS EYES) "Good afternoon." replied Goldilocks demurely, while the others looked on in stony silence. (EACH TAKE PEBBLES AND DROP THEM ON FLOOR) " I brought you a gift." continued Blackbeard, holding out a ring box. Goldilocks gasped in delight at the sight of the gem. It was at least three carats (HOLDS UP THREE CARROTS ADMIRINGLY). " That looks like a very valuable ring," said the Old Woman, cleverly, " you really should lock it in your closet. But don't unlock the door now!" " But it is already locked!" cried Red Riding Hood in horror. She had a flair for the dramatic, and here was a part they all approved of. (TAKES COMB, PARTS HAIR, GOES TO OTHERS, WHO NOD APPROVINGLY) " I will lock it at once.'" declared Goldilocks, and hurried to the door, turning her back on Blackbeard, so he wouldn't see her wipe the grease on her handkerchief. This done, she placed the clean key in her dressing table drawer. To the Old Man, Blackbeard was a dead ringer (RINGS SCHOOL BELL WITH WHITE LILY TIED ROUND IT) for his father. He was aroused from his reverie by the Old Woman announcing she was going out to see what she could do about dinner.


The Old Man said he was going next door to tell his neighbour about having China on the radio that morning. (BALANCES CHINA CUP ON RADIO) " I hope you won't desert me." exclaimed Blackbeard to Goldilocks as he noticed Red Riding Hood shuffle from the room. (WITH DANCE STEPS) " I will have to for a few minutes," she replied, " I hear someone calling me." Left alone, Blackbeard stirred aimlessly around the room, (STIRS IN A MIXING BOWL WITH A LARGE WOODEN SPOON) until he chanced to stop in front of the closet door. His parents' blood boiled within him, he must see what was in there! If only he had taken notice of where Goldilocks had laid the key. He cupped an ear (PLACES TEACUP OVER EAR) to see if anybody was coming, and then set to work to search the room with a fine tooth comb. (TAKES COMB FROM POCKET, AND WAVES IT AROUND THE ROOM) At last his search proved fruitful, (PICKS UP LEMON FROM FLOOR WHERE RED RIDING HOOD DROPPED IT) and found the key in the drawer. But the moment the key slid into the soft grease, he knew there was something fishy. (TURNS ROUND AND HOLDS UP KEY WHICH NOW HAS A PAPER FISH TIED TO IT) " A trap." he muttered, (PULLS HAND FROM POCKET WITH MOUSETRAP ON FINGER) and carefully wiping the grease from the key, he returned it to the drawer just as Red Riding hood returned. Although it had been a close shave, (TAKES A FEW STROKES AT HIS FACE WITH RAZOR) he hoped he hadn't spilled the beans on himself (TAKES CAN OF DRIED BEANS, AND DUMPS THEM OVER HIS HEAD, LEAVING A FEW IN THE CAN TO RATTLE) Red Riding Hood was staggered to find the key free from grease. (STAGGERS VIOLENTLY) It would never do to let Goldilocks find it in this condition. With sudden inspiration, she dipped it into a bowl of cold cream (DIPS KEY IN BOWL OF COTTON BALLS) The others re-entered the room, and Goldilocks hurried to the dressing table. As her fingers touched the key, her face turned to marble (PLACES MARBLES ON THE TABLE AND STARES INTENTLY AT THEM) It was a painful moment for Blackbeard and Goldilocks, but a joy for the others (BLACKBEARD AND GOLDILOCKS WRITHE ABOUT IN AGONY, WHIKE THE OTHERS DANCE ABOUT GLEEFULLY) Blackbeard guessed that Red Riding Hood was the culprit, but he didn't bat an eyelash. (SWINGS BASEBALL BAT AROUND HIS HEAD) " I think you had better leave," faltered Goldilocks sadly, " this is our last date." (BITES OFF HALF A DATE AND HANDS THE REST TO HIM) " So you are giving me the gate." declared Blackbeard incensed. (LIGHTS STICK OF INCENSE AND HOLDS IT) " Yes I am." (HANDS HIM A TOY GATE) she replied, " and I am locking the door after you. I know now that I should have taken everything you said with a grain of salt." "(TAKES SALT SHAKER, SHAKES SOME ON HAND, AND LICKS IT) " Then I suppose I might say, Goldilocks the door." Blackbeard muttered through clenched teeth as he realised that he would have to go elsewhere to press his suit. (CLENCHES TEETH WITH HORRIBLE EFFORT, PICKS UP IRON, AND STRIDES TO THE DOOR RUBBING IT OVER HIMSELF)