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Cottonwood Castoffs Corner
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We are anxious to get the site up and running. Being neophytes at this kind of thing, rather than labour on putting together links, and other stuff, we will let you look at it, and respond to any questions, comments etc. MIND YOU THERE ARE SOME REALLY NEAT ONES OVER THERE ON THE RIGHT! There is so much to be said about props, costumes, script-writing, programme ideas, and even things we have not yet come across, that it is probably better for us to react to you. Please remember, we are a bunch of old fogies, intent on helping others have the same fun that we do. We will be putting together a list of various sites to visit, which we draw on for material, but for now, let us have your reactions and questions, by clicking "Contact Us" and we will do our best.

Should you be brave enough to watch videos of our shows, follow the link below, and use the search word; castoffs

click here

To view a massive library of comedy that you can borrow, or just look at,click here.

One of our group is an accomplished author. To read some examples of her unique style of writing, click here.

Want to build a site as easily as this computor illiterate did? click here.

here are another hundred great humor here